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Feb 09, 2020 · I have no experience with the various JJ versions or La Radiotechnique. Since the ECC82 is not the most linear type, switching to a 12BH7 or rewiring for a 6FQ7/6CG7 could reduce distortion, if that's what you're after. rt ecc82 la radiotechnique 12au7 rare lng plt perf bal test nos 4 philips sq k64. c $90.45 + c $8.99 shipping . vintage tube 12ax7 rt nos. c $38.79 + c $51.72 shipping . Jun 08, 2018 · The 12AT7 is another very well-known tube among guitar players. It has a much lower gain output at 60, but what you lose in gain you get back with more headroom, higher fidelity, and an increased current output. Because of their high fidelity, they are also used in many tube microphone preamps, compressors, recording equipment, and organs. 6C4/EC90 – 3.6 W small-power V.H.F. triode up to 150 MHz; single 12AU7/ECC82 system 6C6 – Sharp-cutoff R.F. Pentode. Most common commercial uses were as a tuned R.F. amplifier, a detector, and an A.F. amplifier.

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5963 PHILIPS ECG 12AU7 ECC82 Tube Valve New Old Stock 1 PC. EUR 11.08. EUR 6.65 postage. 1,384 sold. 6X4WA PHILIPS ECG NOS BOXED VALVE/TUBE. EUR 16.63. EUR 6.65 postage.

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Valvo Vacuum Tubes. For great deals on Valvo vacuum tubes you can't beat the prices and selection here at Vacuum Tube Superstore.Our site is the place to go for great prices on every conceivable brand and model of vacuum tubes - from brand new tubes from today's top manufacturers to new old stock (NOS) tubes from vintage tube providers.

Rt ECC82 la radiotechnique 12AU7 rare lng plt perf bal test nos 4 philips sq K64. Sylvania 12AU7 tight match quad ECC82 long plate halo getr minty vintage 1961.The stock PrimaLuna tube is quite good already, and the sound improve further after I change a pair of Tungsram 1967 12AX7 and CBS 12AU7. This is the most expensive preamp I used so far, so, I can't say this is the best preamp out there.

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