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The Frame Debugger window (menu: Window > Analysis > Frame Debugger) shows the drawcall The main list shows the sequence of drawcalls (and other events like framebuffer clear) in the form of...Description. glFramebufferRenderbuffer attaches a renderbuffer as one of the logical buffers of the currently bound framebuffer object.renderbuffer is the name of the renderbuffer object to attach and must be either zero, or the name of an existing renderbuffer object of type renderbuffertarget. The framebuffer object (FBO) is an OpenGL extension for flexible off-screen rendering, including texture rendering. When the setFixedSize() is called during the initialization process of the GLSurfaceView, VRS is carried out by the setFixedSize() and the output is stored in the framebuffer . Your framebuffer class supports reinitialization where it deletes the OpenGL framebuffer object and the OpenGL texture objects and then creates new OpenGL textures and and new OpenGL framebuffer in-place. When this happens, though, it never gets communicated back to the shader class instance that has a reference to the framebuffer class instance.

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Frame Buffer Objects didn't become part of the OpenGL core until version 3.0. When binding a FBO, you didn't use "GL_FRAMEBUFFER" but "GL_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT".

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Detailed Description The QOpenGLFramebufferObject class encapsulates an OpenGL framebuffer object, defined by the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension. It provides a rendering surface that can be painted on with a QPainter with the help of QOpenGLPaintDevice, or rendered to using native OpenGL calls.

Mar 10, 2015 · I've tried reverting to the previous version of the offending mod (Blue Power), but that didn't fix it. I tried removing OptiFine, and switching OpenGL settings between fast and fancy, that didn't fix it. I updated my graphics drivers, that didn't fix it. Tried adding the "-Dforge.forceNoStencil=true" argument, that didn't fix it. Support for shadows. Ccurrently uses shadows map algorithm (hard shadows). Uses framebuffer object extension if avaiable for the shadow depth map. It uses for educational purposes stencil buffer too. Static/dinamic light, and uses point sprites for displaying it if avaiable. Split screen rendering (with different viewer options).

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