Describe the way in which thermometers measure temperature

Temperature measurement describes the process of measuring a current local temperature for immediate or later evaluation. One of the most common devices for measuring temperature is the glass thermometer . This consists of a glass tube filled with mercury or some other liquid, which acts...

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Just like a thermometer to measure temperature, there is no device to measure your Emotional state. Instead we resort to "branding". We decide I'm not in a good mood/ I'm in a bad mood, I'm angry, I don't feel like talking, I'm sad or worse I don't feel like anything.

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temperature is called superheat. (See Figure 2.) The best method to determine superheat using Fluke prod-ucts is to use the 80PK-8 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe and a PV350 Pressure/Vacuum Module in conjunction with a suitable Fluke digital multimeter with type K thermocouple measure-ment and a mV input. The pipe clamp allows pipe temperature measurements to be made more Jul 17, 2003 · Now, Joe wants to know just how flaky his scale is. There are two ways he can describe the scatter in his measurements. The mean deviation from the mean is the sum of the absolute values of the differences between each measurement and the average, divided by the number of measurements:

Today there are many ways to measure temperature. Examples of some temperature responses include expansion of a liquid (either mercury or alcohol), the voltage across a thermocouple made by joining two dissimilar metals (in a digital thermometer), or the amount of infrared light given off (in optical thermometers). Temperature, in contrast, is not measured directly, but is instead inferred from the isotopic composition of Using sensitive mass spectrometers, researchers are able to measure the ratio of the isotopes of both oxygen This relationship can be used to calibrate the isotope ratio thermometer, although the...

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